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“We came for 48 hours but stayed for weeks and are committed forever.

We could not turn our backs on the dire situation and tear-streaked faces which called forth for help!”


with-suppliesProject Hope was inaugurated at the hands of H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji following the tragic tsunami of December 2004. With His grace, and the support of compassionate donors, wide-scale immediate emergency relief was provided for thousands of homeless surivors, two entire villages were rebuilt, an orphanage, school, vocational training center  were constructed and a  home for widowed, impoverished and abandoned ladies was repaired and expanded. Kindly download our brochure for more information about Project Hope’s Tsunami Programme. 

Here in Uttarakhand, under Pujya Swamiji’s vision, dedication and leadership, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, of which Pujya Swamiji is the President, as well as the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, Ganga Action Parivar, and Divine Shakti Foundation are working under the banner of Project Hope to provide direct services to survivors of the June 2013 flooding tragedy.

Saving Lives. Rebuilding Communities. Restoring Hope.

Project Hope’s is working tirelessly to ensure those impacted by the recent Uttarakhand disaster receive the provisions and services they desperately need in order to survive with dignity. Our programmes in Uttarakhand began with initial emergency response initiatives, including relief camps, computerized family reunification help stations, food and water distribution, medical care, evacuation services, and more.  After the intial crisis, Project Hope is now working to rebuild communities, schools and hospitals in ecologically-sustainable ways that support local culture and empower local peoples.

Nepal Relief

Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 which left thousands dead and many without basic necessities, Project Hope has been working to provide emergency relief to survivors, including distributing relief materials such as thousands of blankets, food, water, and much more.  In the wake of the disaster, Project Hope medical volunteers have also been on-site in Nepal treating the injured.

Project Hope is planning to help Nepal rebuild, including reconstructing a Nepali village and Buddhist temple that were destroyed.  To learn more about this ongoing work, click here.

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