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Project Hope traveled to the village of Devanampattnam, which was destroyed by the tsunami.  We immediately undertook emergency relief measures for the people affected, both on the material level as well as on the spiritual level.

The total number of projects undertaken by Project Hope in Devanampattnam included:

  1. Building and providing for more than 100 new, temporary homes for those whose homes were destroyed in the tsunami.  Learn more >>
  2. Plantation of 3000 trees in honor of victims of tsunami from every country.
  3. Replacement of lost/destroyed fishing nets for the fisherman, including those with catamarans. With the generosity of Shri Ramesh Goenkaji of Dubai, we distributed 400 nets.
  4. Repair of damaged boats. With the assistance of Ashok Leyland and CII we repaired 100 boats.
  5. Replacement of boats that were completely destroyed. With the assistance of Rotary International we purchased 15 new boats.  Learn more >>
  6. Community Kitchens where all 3000 families were fed hot meals 3 times a day – 7 Kitchens were already set up and we also provided milk for babies and children.  Learn more >>
  7. A play ground for the children, with sports equipment, including swings, slide, merry-go-round, jungle-gym, etc.  Learn more >>
  8. Medical Relief Centers at each of these community centers.  Learn more >>
  9. Distribution of necessities such as food, water, clothing, candles, stoves, cooking supplies, shoes, sheets, etc. (this was done in two huge scale distributions to more than 4000 people each time). This was made possible by the generosity of Shri Chandru Kewalramani of London, UK and others.  Learn more >>
  10. Free Eye Camp and Cataract Operation Camp: more than 600 villagers were examined, nearly 100 new pairs of glasses were distributed and nearly 40 free cataract operations were performed on site.  Learn more >>
  11. Two large tree plantation ceremonies in memory of all those who lost their lives in the tragedy and also as a physical barrier against any future tidal waves.  Learn more >>
  12. Drinking water tanks in many places throughout the village.

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