Medical Relief

Fears abounded that there would be an epidemic in the wake of the tsunami. Therefore, next to each community kitchen we established a medical center where all local people were treated for free. By the grace of God, we managed to completely avert any critical medical situation.

Also, on the 9 January, a special eye camp and cataract operation camp was organized for the local people. Eye doctors came in from nearby cities to perform testing, diagnosis and cataract operation. Furthers, glasses were distributed to those who needed it.

Further, we have taken and are in the process of fulfilling innumerable applications for medical aid, operations, prosthetic limbs, etc. for village people.

One young girl mentally handicapped prior to the tsunami and now orphaned, has already been sent to Banyan, a center for handicapped children in Chennai.

Further, on the 16 January, we took Haji Ali, a 9 year old boy who needed a heart operation, with us to Chennai. Vivek had made all the arrangements at Chennai’s Apollo hospital for the boy’s treatment. On January 16th night, after midnight Vivek personally went to the hospital to admit the child.

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