Phase I: Immediate Relief & Rescue

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Immediate Mass Transport:

  • We sent buses into the mountainous affected areas laden with medicines, food supplies, blankets, warm clothes and mobile phones to connect with their loved ones.
  • These buses deposit the goods for the people stranded there, and then carried as many as 1,000 pilgrims back down.
  • We provided tickets to stranded pilgrims and facilitated increasing the number of buses and trains to help pilgrims get home.

Project Hope Camps

  • 2 large relief camps were set in Rishikesh
    • One at the bus stand
    • One at the train station
  • Our camps provided:
    • Medical centres with doctors and nurses giving primary care, first aid, medicines and counselling to the weary pilgrims.
    • An ambulance to take serious cases immediately to nearby specialty hospital for proper care.
    • Food and beverage was provided free of cost to all pilgrims, their families and volunteers.
    • 100- bed rest/halt areas for people to stay the night
    • 3 fully waterproof, ventilated tent facilities were provided for the rescued pilgrims.
    • Fully computerized, internet-connected station with huge LCD screens to help families locate their loved ones and report missing, which worked in conjunction with the local and state governments.
    • Free mobile phone charging areas for families to connect to their loved ones.
    • Many dustbins were installed and daily clean-ups were organized and conducted by our volunteers.
    • Equipment such as computers, printers, scanners and internet modems for local NGOs and administration was also provided by Project Hope to facilitate serving together and working together.

Providing Shelter to Survivors and Volunteers at Parmarth Niketan:

  • Parmarth Ashram’s rooms, halls and dining facilities were opened to all who needed food and shelter.
  • Hundreds of families, volunteers and survivors were provided free room and board. Many volunteers still remain and continue to serve from Parmarth.

Providing Dignified Final Rites for the Deceased

We provided huge quantities of desi ghee, sandalwood, camphor, raal and the other supplies needed for proper, so that dignified, traditional cremations may be conducted.

Our Team