Phase II: Immediate Relief for Local Residents in the Affected Areas

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While a large percentage of people impacted by the disaster were pilgrims, there has also been an extraordinary loss of life and property within the populations of men, women and children who have spent generations living in the mountainous areas lining the Ganga.

Since then, Project Hope has been collecting and distributing medicine, food, blankets, clothes, cooking utensils, waterproof tents, tarpaulin, solar lanterns and other necessities to villagers in need.

Supplying Needed Provisions to Affected Areas

  • After the initial crisis, Project Hope sent more than 50 trucks laden with carefully prepared and much-needed relief kits, including medicine, food, water purification tablets, warm clothes, blankets, waterproof tents, solar lanterns, candles and other household daily necessities.
  • Additionally, over 1,800 tarpaulins were distributed for survivors by Project Hope volunteers in Uttarakashi and Guptkashi.
  • Some 50 villages from over 20 Gram Sabhas in Uttarakashi and Guptakashi were surveyed. The neediest and the most isolated villages were identified and provided with relief materials and services for both humans and animals.
  • Nearly 100 volunteers including dozens of doctors and veterinarians, served in our Uttarakashi and Guptakashi base camps on rotation.

Villages Assisted by Project Hope:

In the Rudraprayag - Guptkashi, Kalimath Area
In the Uttarakashi Area
In the Laksar-Haridwar Area

A few specially affected villages such as Parodi (Tehri-Garhwal Region), Chhannar (Mussoorie Region), Khanpur, Chandrapur, Sherpur, Jogawala, Dabikheda (Lakhsar), Thatyur (Dehradun) and Varagi Camp, Ajitpur (Haridwar) were also provided vital relief materials and our doctors and dedicated volunteers accompanied them to serve and distribute it.


Medical Care

  • Since the start of the tragedy, our devoted teams of doctors, equipped with life-saving medication, have seen nearly 60,000 patients. These doctors trekked to the very interiors of villages to especially treat and provide care for those who had limited or no access to professional medical care.

Animal Care

  • Project Hope’s volunteers and skilled veterinarians have provided relief and care to hundreds of animals since the disaster.

Clean Drinking Water

  • 85,000 Sudhu water purification tablets, generously donated by the Wockhardt Foundation, have been distributed to the affected areas by our volunteers.
  • Two tablets can clean and purify up to 20 litres of water, helping to ensure families remain healthy.

Resuming Local Schools

  • Schools opened the second week of July and to ensure that children were able to start school on time, as well as divert their attention from the trauma, Project Hope provided school tents and provisions, including books, uniforms and supplies.

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